When Christian Business Owners Need Local Seo Ranking

When Christian Business Owners Need Local Seo Ranking They Call Seo Expert Mike Bland

Sex & College Degrees Don’t Always Sell If you’re looking to take offense, do not have morals, or one of the people described in this article caution do not proceed again do not proceed! This article may just be a for a few select crowd in society and that is other Christian business owners or hey maybe those looking for proven results. – Seo Expert Michael Bland

Local Ranking Seo Expert Michael Bland of st. Louis Missouri has successfully started, owns, and operates numerous business ventures such as Global Seo Services (Seo Company), Dark Site Operations (Executive Protection), Contract Finders (Contract Vetting), Global Business Consultants (Global Business Consulting) Shadow Company Investigations (Global Investigations Company), Zen Combat ( Knife Defense ) to name a few.

Michael had a very meager beginning only as a police officer which formed a very long career. Coming from that career I had no money or really nothing to show for all my hard work. I knew if I didn’t grow up son and get a real job this would be the case for the rest of my life so I had to crush it and get to work and this where the journey started. I had zero business training, no fancy master’s in business, master’s in marketing, no master in sales and negotiation.

Im smart enough top know those things are great accomplishments however they are just that a piece of pa[per that society canm them label us by and throw us into this category and social status sometimes with other elites that tell people where we rank among other cool people. The sad truth is many times people with these titles or degrees nare not picked because a lot of people want people who have battle proven experience who have used their treade time and time again and made mistakes and know how things work in the real world.

Ive seen it time again the girl who looks like a super model with a seductive outfit who walks into a large corporation and ins a larghe contract because she said she is an expert wordpress or some amazing marketing expert. Truth be told she knows nothing but hey the ceo and finance guys think they are going to date this lady and may very well.

Then there are the companies who have some morals and are not concerned about sex but making sales and this where the guys like me come in. I have realized through many years of hard learned mistakes what it finally took to show up on the first page of google and it was not many of the things we are told daily.

I have received all the calls from alleged seo companies who when I asked why they only had two likes on a facebook page or no youtube channel they never had an answer. Also the alleghed global seo experts that when asked how to rank on google globally let alone locally they also had no asnswers and claimed they would do all these secret mustical seo tatciucs

What I have learned in the Business World has a been a rRude awakening to me pursuing a Christian life but has made me choose a n even harder line on who I choose to associate with

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