The Ultimate Guide On Real Estate SEO: 8 Tips To Help You Get More Lead In 2021

The Ultimate Guide On Real Estate SEO: 8 Tips To Help You Get More Lead In 2021


Let us figure out the right way to do Real Estate SEO, local SEO to capture more leads, more traffic for your business. Follow these quick tips to gain better ROI.

There is so much going online right now that if your business doesn’t hold a strong web presence, your business might have to taste the flavor of failure. Yes, you heard it right! Online presence plays a crucial role in making a space in this digital-oriented world.

Though a business’s success depends not only on the category you are pursuing but also on how much you are taking your business success seriously. If success matters to you, be with the pace of changes going around, and for now, it is a time of digital marketing.

But, digital marketing is not a small chapter that you can complete in one go; it has SEO, SMO, SMM, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, and much more. But for now, I will cover one of its parts that is SEO.

I know you have landed up here to learn the Real Estate SEO tips; that is why my complete focus will be on the same. I will let you know how to have a successful web presence and where you should invest your time and money so that, in the end, what result you get is worth it.

Let’s begin our journey of figuring out the most valuable tips for Real Estate SEO that will generate more revenue, more customers to buy or sell a property.

10 Striking Tips For Real Estate SEO That Can Give More Traffic, Leads & Sales

Real estate is a profitable niche if you can rank on Google’s number one position. If you win to do so, you can make a lot of money in the short time that you might not get if you are somewhere low at a position in SERP.

As per Digital House Hunt, more than 50% of home buyers start their search online. Whereas, in the other report, it is found that 86% of home buyers prefer real estate websites as a source of information in terms of buying a home.

But the matter is how to rank number one?

Real estate can involve complexity for the marketer online, and I know so many marketers are looking for the perfect Real Estate SEO strategy. So here I am going to connect the gap between the real estate agents and the SEO professionals.

Don’t worry!.. The tips I will share are not burdensome; you can easily implement those tips for your business.

#Tip 1: Google my Business

The thing that will work great for Internet Marketing is Google My Business. As per MOZ, you can build a solid local SEO by listing your business on Google My Business.

By listing it over GMB, you tell Google’s robots where your business is or for what keyword they should rank it for the local search?

For example, your office is in New Delhi, then implementing this, your business will rank for the search term that holds New Delhi in them like a real estate company in New Delhi.

It is the best way to engage your customer for free. Yes, With Google My Business, you can create a free Business Profile. Besides Google search, you can even connect with customers on Google Map for free.

Ultimately, the chances for appearing on local search terms increase for you. So, for anyone who will search for a real estate business in your locality, I mean in your area, the possibility of showing your business name is higher. Although just listing or creating GMB won’t work for you, you have to optimize it for a better result.

#Tip 2: Use Proper URL Structure

From National Association of Realtors(NAR) words, 44% of buyers’ first choice is to look online for property listings. ‍

Don’t you find a significant change in the real estate industry? Earlier, buyers preferred ads and newspapers like stuff, but now most of them want to start their online search journey.

Yes, you have to make your real estate website URL clear and optimized. Sometimes, the visitors or the customers go back if they are not easily getting your point. It will help if you keep a clean URL with the targeted keywords. Plus, this will help the search engine to understand the nature of your business.


#Tip 3: Advanced Keyword Research

For advanced keyword research, you can target searching for the long-tail keywords because the SEO professional experienced that most of the searchers type long-tail keywords into Google. The well-optimized Real Estate websites are those that include thousands of different keywords.

Although if you are using keywords like city name + real estate, your reach can improve. It is one of the keyword variants that works like wonder for real estate websites. But such keywords have the highest competition, so you need to research more for additional benefits.

You can use keyword research tools like, Google Keyword Planner; here, you can see which keywords have maximum competition, keyword volume, cost per click, and much more. I would advise starting with more accessible keywords, long-tail keywords because those keywords will help you rank more quickly. Further, to inform you, there are two types of keywords for real estate:

  • Commercial keywords: Selling property or buying.
  • Informational keywords: Real estate tips for buyers, real estate tips for sellers


#Tip 4: Consistent Content Creation

Consistent content creation defines search engines that your website is fresh and relevant to display. With this, you are helping the search engine to crawl your website with fresh content. So, keep posting relevant content that belongs to your niche, i.e., real estate.

Besides being consistent with publishing content, try to embed video content in it; because it might give you over 400% inquiries. Yes, you heard it right; the chances of getting questions are more with video-loaded content than one that doesn’t have. Although this is not my words, you can see these words in the report of Bold Content. Also, a Cisco report says 82 percent of all web traffic will come due to video content.

#Tip 5: Citations

You have to consider citations like stuff; it is one of the biggest ways to start ranking easily. It is a practice of listing a business on different sites.

Citations are nothing more than providing online references for your business. It includes necessary information about the business like business name, address, and phone number; in short, you can consider it as NAP.

Moreover, it does not matter how many citations you have for your business; the thing that can help you boost your ranking in search engines is having a few with solid citations. It can help in attracting potential customers with location-specific keywords.

#Tip 6: Create Backlink

Creating a backlink for your business will work well in boosting domain authority for your website. With this, you are letting the search engine like Google know that you are not a fake or low-grade business. It shows from how many other legitimate websites your website is connected to, which are those websites that provide our website’s link.

In simple words, it helps the search engines to determine the authority of the website. It is essential to create more quality backlinks; the more quality links, the more authority to your website.

#Tip 7: Get Reviews

With all the different other things you are considering to rank top, you can have positive reviews for your business when ranking locally. If you could get 100 reviews on Google My Business in your area, that alone can give you lots of benefits.

Also, make sure you are responding to the reviews. Responding to the reviews that people leave can make your audience feel that you are connected. If you have enough reviews, you will easily rank on the top of the SERP. However, ensure your clients are happy with your services; they have put positive messages. These positive reviews signify a good impact on Google’s Local search results.

There are around 90% of customers who will read reviews given by other clients before they visit a business, and after reading the positive reviews, 72% of customers might take any action. (Source: Search Engine Watch)

#Tip 8: Improve Your Website Loading Speed

To keep everything working on your side, make sure your website loading speed is not more than 2-3 seconds. Slow-loading websites can put you at risk; for that, image optimization, custom font minimization, minifying codes, and reducing redirects can work wonders.


Real Estate SEO might take time to show results, but it gives long-lasting results. To rank your real estate business name on the web, these are the tips you must adhere to achieve success. These SEO tips will provide you outstanding results only if you follow them wisely and be consistent.

It will make your dream TRUE, getting massive leads, no cold calls, no unsuccessful meetingsPsychology Articles , etc. Sry! It is not a massive lead; let’s correct it for potential leads that you can convert to do an action like buy or sell a property.

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